Shadow Ryder

Builder: Matthew

Comments: This build started out as a LP Type/Singlecut kit. I added a set of Seymour Duncan P-Rails and Triple Shot mounts, as well as a Roland GK-KIT-GT3 internal kit, which require routing the cavity to enable mounting the additional controls and provide a place for the Roland electronics to reside. I also installed a set of push pull pots for the bridge and neck volumes to add phase and series connection options for the P-Rails. I also had to drill an additional hole to mount an aftermarket 13 pin jack for the Roland, and I replaced the stock1/4 in jack with a switchcraft one so that I could separate the normal output from the 13 pin jack if I wanted to. The color is Black Keda Dyes with 6 coats of Tru-Oil for some gloss without being overly shiny or slippery. The attached picture also shows the Roland VG-88 and one of my amplification systems that I use with it.

Find the Single Cut style build your own guitar kit here. 

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    • Matthew
      Matthew says:

      Sam, I didn’t do anything with the frets on mine, as they seemed to be fine. That may not always be the case, so check them to see how they seem to you. What I did end up having to do with mine is replace the nut with a graphite one, since the action on the first and second frets was too high.


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