Terms and Conditions

All orders from The Fret Wire, LLC are subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Shipping Time

Unless otherwise stated, all orders will be shipped within 1 business day. Shipping times displayed during the checkout process are estimates only. During certain times of year, holidays, or when impeded by natural disasters or other unforeseen 3rd party events, shipments may be delayed by the shipping carrier. The Fret Wire, LLC., makes no warranties with regard to shipping time.

Certain services (some UPS and FedEx services) offer guaranteed delivery times. When carriers fail to meet guaranteed delivery times, we will work with the carrier to refund the shipping charges collected and refund the customer any shipping paid. 

Other services (most USPS, UPS and FedEx, and DHL) do not guarantee the delivery time. Delivery service time is provided as an estimate only. In these cases The Fret Wire, LLC is not liable for items that arrive later than anticipated. 


2. Duties, Taxes  and Fees

Orders being delivered outside of the USA may be subject to VAT, Customs, Duty, or other import and local sales taxes. The Fret Wire, LLC is not able to estimate, collect or remit these taxes. Please consult with your local tax collection agency to understand the taxable nature of your order. The Fret Wire, LLC provides a commercial invoice with international orders. We do not condone or participate in falsifying the information on these forms in order to reduce a customer's tax liability.


3. Returns and Refunds

The Fret Wire, LLC is proud of our products and work with the best factories we can find to produce a high quality product. However, as these products are largely hand made, consisting of materials prone to alteration, certain components may not meet a customer's expectations upon arrival. In those instances we are happy to return or replace the kit or components at our discretion. 

Customers are encouraged to inspect their kit closely so refunds and replacements can happen before finish materials have been applied. 

In the event that a customer changes his or her mind or purchases the wrong item, we are happy to accept returns for 60 days. Return shipping of these items is the responsibility of the customer. Refunds may be reduced by the original shipping amount. The 60 day return window may be extended at our discretion. 

Refunds will be posted in 3-10 business days after the returned item has been received. Refunds will be posted to the original payment method. 


4. Limits of Liability

The products sold by The Fret Wire, LLC may require the use of dangerous tools and chemicals by the customer. The Fret Wire, LLC is not responsible for injury incurred while using our products. Each customer should exercise caution and follow manufacturer guidelines while using tools and finishing products. 

In the event that a manufacturing flaw results in a flawed instrument, our liability is limited to the original amount paid to The Fret Wire, LLC. by the customer. We are not responsible for the cost of materials, time, labor, or other services provided by the customer or any agent acting on their behalf. 


Questions about these Terms and Conditions can be addressed by contacting us.