This page contains instruction files, wiring diagrams, support materials, and video walk throughs. Like most things in life, there are often multiple ways to wire a guitar, and lots of modifications and upgrades are possible. These resources are designed to provide builders with a starting point. 

General Instructions

For general tips and instruction, our Master Instruction Guide and Wiring Debug Guide are a great place to start:


Wiring Diagrams

Wiring diagrams for your specific model can be found below. 

If you can't see the files below, the Instruction files can be accessed by clicking here.

Our files do not require special access. If a "Request Access" option appears, this is likely based on your organization's settings within Google Apps. Try logging out or viewing this page in Private Browsing/Incognito mode. 

Tutorial Videos

For our most popular models, or those with tricky wiring, we have linked to, or created wiring videos to walk through the wiring process. 

If your kit comes with the pots and wiring separate, they can be wired using many ways.  For a standard wiring method, this video will give you a great rundown, or follow the tutorial here.

Wiring a TL Style Guitar Kit

Tele Thinline Video Walkthrough-

Wiring the Offset P90 Style Guitar Kit

Wiring an ST Style Guitar Kit

Wiring a 5 String Bass Kit, HH no switch

Wiring an Offset Jag style HHS Guitar Kit

Double Locking Tremolo Setup
A few models feature a double locking style tremolo. These can be a bit confusing the first time you set them up, here is a video that might help"

Hollow Body Wiring - If you are accustomed to dealing with open back guitars like Strats and LPs, the closed nature of a hollow body guitar can be baffling at first glance. How can you wire everything up in such a tight space?  The answer is simple. Dental floss (or any small string) Here is a youtube video we found illustrating the technique used by builders

Installing Soap Bar P90 Pickups