Instructions and Wiring Diagrams

Looking for instructions for your guitar kit?  We have what you need.

Guitar wiring is a personal thing. There are lots of ways to wire a guitar for a custom tone all your own. But if you are looking for a basic wiring model to follow, feel free to use the documents below to get started.

If you can't see the files below, the Instruction files can be accessed by clicking here.


Tutorial Videos

If your kit comes with the pots and wiring separate, they can be wired using many ways.  For a standard wiring method, this video will give you a great rundown, or follow the tutorial here. Checking Your Scale Length, The Right Way A brief article on how to accurately measure your scale length. Hollow Body Wiring If you are accustomed to dealing with open back guitars like Strats and LPs, the closed nature of a hollow body guitar can be baffling. How can you wire everything up in such a tight space?  The answer is simple. Dental floss (or any small string) Here is a youtube video we found illustrating the concept: Double Locking Tremolo Setup A few models feature a double locking style tremolo. These can be a bit confusing the first time you set them up, here is a video that might help" Tele Thinline Video Walkthrough Produced by Bryan Savage, this step by step video series walksthrough building a thinline style Fretwire Guitar.