Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate all the feedback and questions we get from customers. Here are some common topics we hear about regularly that you might find helpful:

Where is the ______ model?

We pride ourselves in having a wide variety of popular guitar kits. In some cases, certain designs and shapes are trademarked by 3rd parties and original manufacturers. We strive to respect the intellectual property of others.

In some cases (such as the Gibson SG, Flying V, Explorer and Firebird shapes) we were notified that our styles were in violation of their trademark, and responded by removing those models. 

In other cases (such as Rickenbacker styles) our initial research indicated we could be in violation, so we elected to voluntarily remove those styles. 

Any additional questions can be addressed by contacting us through the contact form.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship to most locations across the world. Shipping rates can be calculated before checkout, after adding your items to the shopping cart.

Where do you ship from?
How long does shipping take?

Our products are warehoused and ship from Salt Lake City, Utah. Our central location allows us to ship to customers all over the USA, with most orders arriving in 2-5 days. International orders generally arrive in 5-10 days.

Are these kits made in the USA?

No. In order to keep our kits accessible to the greatest number of builders, we try to keep our prices between $130 and $200. For that reason we make our kits in a factory in China. We have worked with this factory for several years, and they consistently provide quality parts. A comparable kit in made in the USA would cost $500-$1,000. A big factor that determines the overall quality of your guitar is the quality of the finish work. By building the guitar yourself, you can be assured it is up to your standards.

Can I get the ______ kit, but with a different neck/fretboard/hardware?

Currently we only sell the kits in the configurations you see on the website. We hope to offer a greater variety of kits as well as loose parts in the future.

Can I buy your kit, but put a different neck on?

Yes. Our kits mirror the original manufacturer specifications.  However, as with any custom instrument build, expect some fine tuning in order to get the parts to all fit nicely together. Some modification of the neck or body may be required. On models with a pickguard that borders the base of the neck, you may need to recut or replace the pickguard in order to match the profile of your other neck.

Can I buy the kit without electronics or hardware for a discount?

Many builders choose to replace the stock pickups that come with these kits. At this time, we do not remove the hardware or electronics in order to reduce the price, but we hope to offer that option in the future.

What brand are the pickups and hardware?

In order to keep the base price of the kits between $100 and $200, the guitar kits include non-brand name pickups and hardware. The quality of this hardware is similar to what you might find on an Epiphone or Squier guitar. Many people decide to replace certain elements with upgraded hardware, or with electronics (pickups, tone caps, pots) that match their tone requirements.

Why "Engineered Rosewood"?

Due to international CITES regulations, natural rosewood is no longer available. You can read more about this issue here.