Our Mission

Provide guitar builders of any skill or experience level with the materials they need to create the custom guitar of their dreams.

About Our Kits

Our partner factory in Jinan, China employs highly skilled carpenters that handcraft each piece of the guitar kit. This factory has a great reputation for building complete instruments, not just assorted loose parts. They know what is required to ensure a guitar plays great, and each guitar kit is created with that end in mind.

We are proud that the factory in Jinan, China employs only ethical hiring and employment practices. Work conditions are pleasant and safe, providing employment to talented individuals.


Our Packaging

In an effort to keep our guitar kits simple and affordable, we don’t ship them in a fancy colored box.

We use a plain corrugated box, double corrugated for strength.
That’s better for the environment, and keeps cost down for you.

Each piece is individually wrapped and secured, ready to safely make the trek from Jinan, China. After a brief stop in Salt Lake City, Utah, it travels on to you. Simple, safe and sound.


Most folks don’t buy a guitar kit to build something that looks exactly like what you might find at the corner music shop.

They want something different. Something you won’t see everyday.

Maybe it’s a configuration no one has seen before. Maybe it’s a finish that just isn’t done anymore.
Maybe it’s a re-creation of a vintage masterpiece none of us can afford.

Our kits ship with basic hardware, and a basic wiring diagram.

Will you want to replace the pickups? The tuners? The pots? Maybe. But the basic hardware we supply will get you started. Where you go from there is only limited to your guts and imagination.

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