Mas Pablo

Builder: Mas Pablo

Comments:  I wanted a Les Paul style guitar. I really wanted all the bells and whistles – Jimmy Page style set-up with coil splitting, reverse phase, and parallel to series switches. Bought the flamed maple kit and sprang for the upgraded electronics (outside source) and humbuckers. I also acquired some Gibson odds and ends – speed knobs, truss rod plate, pickguard. Finished it off with a roller bridge, Grover locking tuners, and Bigsby tremolo.

I used black dye to raise the grain of the maple. Sanded it back and applied several coats of a green dye. Used the black to give it a burst effect. Finished with 9 coats of tung oil.

Great sound, and solid feel. It has a place of honor among my other guitars.

Link: Find this LP style guitar DIY kit here.


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  1. Keith
    Keith says:

    That is amazing looking. I can’t wait until the Rockabilly is available for a lefty…then I am all over it. Your LP looks amazing and like you spent $3,000 on it!. What was your total cost (with all the aftermarket items)?

    • Ricardo
      Ricardo says:

      It was less than $500.00 altogether. Totally worth it. I really enjoy the looks it gets and the sounds it can produce.


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