Evertune – Keep Your Guitar In Tune @NAMMshow

NAMM is great to get a peak at all sorts of new gear.  One concept that we ran into quite a bit was the “Self Tuning Guitar”.  Peavy has a model that digitally pitch shifts each string to the correct tune.  Roland has the V-Guitar synth, which also pitch shifts, but also changes the complete sound of your guitar.

Those are all well and fine, but Evertune has the best solution.  No digital processing, no electronics at all.  Just plain old physics.

The Evertune bridge works by taking the task of tuning from the tuning pegs and putting it into an ingenious spring loaded bridge.  If your string stretches, or the tuning pegs get bumped, the springs under each string compensate for that change in string length.  The result is a guitar that doesn’t go out of tune, no matter how hard you play.

Inventors and founders Paul Dowd and Cosmos Lyles showed me how it works. By maintaining the distance between the nut and the bridge saddle, pitch doesn’t change.  Even when you pluck a string and then crank a tuning peg, the internal mechanism compensates for the movement.

As Lyles pointed out, “This isn’t for someone that is too lazy to tune their guitar.”  Initial tuning and setup is done on the bridge rather than the tuning pegs, so it requires a few minutes to get the hang of it.  The device also isn’t designed for quick tune changes.  If you want to quickly shift to a drop D, it can be done, but it isn’t ideal.

Evertune is making some waves in the guitar community with players like Joe Satriani and countless session players converting their entire guitar armory to Evertune.

“The installation requires some changes to the guitar, so some people can be nervous at first,” explains Dowd.  “But once we do one guitar, they want the others done as well.”

The bridge sells for about $330, with additional expense for installation.  Evertune has begun to wholesale bridges to guitar manufacturers.  I am eager to see this trend catch on, and have the option of buying a guitar with an Evertune bridge right off the shelf.

Check them out today.


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