Burnt Honey

Builder: Steve

Comments: This was my first build and I must say I’m very pleased with the results. It really has a presents to it.

The kit from The FretWire was very well produced setting me up for a nice easy build. The body had a nice cap giving me some quilting in some parts..bonus! The neck was a tight fit as well something I was worried about. I first did a rough sanding for an aged reclaimed wood feel followed with a dark stain to pop the grain and cuts. Then a few coats of a honey stain on the body and the back of the neck. I went with pearled guards so that was a custom cut on the band saw. I fell in love with a Rick type bridge and black metal knobs to finish it off so that set me back about $70 but what the hell. I also cut a custom thumb rest out of African mahogany…works like a charm. I decided to keep the black plastic Humbucker plate on the outside of the pick guard not sure why, felt more retro and boxy. Might make one in the same mahogany.

Lastly I’m going to add the traditional mono and stereo out jacks. But for now I’m just enjoying it.

Link: Find the Mod Bass guitar kit here

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