Blue Velvet

Builder: Donnie

Description: This was my first ever guitar build, done as a gift for my older brother.

The back of this semi-hollow body was coated first with black dye than sanded back and finished with blue. After several coats and a final sanding, the back was coated with several coats of clear lacquer. For the front I applied heavy navy blue dye, sanded back -intentionally leaving light and dark areas- applied light blue dye, sanded back -again, intentionally leaving light and dark- then applied several coats of base blue dye.

The front was coated with about twenty EXTREMELY THIN coats of Tru-oil. With each coat of oil, the finish reflected in different and unusual ways. I bought alternative gold hardware for this build (I just didn’t like how bright the silver was against the blue) and it really pops on the velvet-y background. I’m pretty proud of my first build, and can’t wait to give it to my brother this Christmas.

Link: Buy this kit here

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  1. Scott
    Scott says:

    I have this as my first build and just getting started. Yours looks great. I’m curious how to wire it up, what schematic di ya follow? Did you get a harness from somewhere? I’m looking forward to learning about all this stuff. Thanks.

    • Donnie
      Donnie says:

      Since I went with gold accessories, I had to buy alternate wiring. I did buy a kit, but I screwed up and melted the back of not one, but two, switches. As far as getting the switches and knobs in there…. It was trying. I found a couple of youtube videos to help me through the process. The most useful of them suggested mirroring the layout of the knobs in a piece of cardboard, soldering the connections, then using a twelve inch zip tie before you removed them from the cardboard. You then zip tie the cables around that one long zip tie and once you get them all situated, there are no stray wires. Look it up on youtube (just search for wiring a semi-hollow guitar). That advice was amazing.


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