Walking Liberty

Builder: Kevin

Comments: I was inspired by how Paul 's Fleur de Lou ES-125 replica turned out for my first guitar kit build. The guitar finish is a tobacco burst on the back and sides using Minwax stains and clear stain for the front. I did a pre stain to help the stain go on more evenly. I used a spray Lacquer and a finished up with a paste finishing wax buffed out just to give the finish a low gloss look. For the headstock and on the back were the heal is so it will not effect the sound  I inlayed Walking Liberty coins. The one on the front is a real Walking Liberty coin and on the back I used a large reproduction of a Walking Liberty coin. The type that is used on headstock is type used by printers for printing plates colored to look like metal. Inside of the left f hole I put in a guitar maker label telling the name of the guitar, when and who put it together. I put on Thomastik flat wound jazz strings and they sound great on this type of guitar. Great guitar kit. I learned a lot will be back to make more.

Link: Find this hollow body ES guitar kit here