Vintage Axe

Builder: Robert

Comments: I bought the TL kit and decided on vintage amber for the color. I used a couple cans of stain to complete the body. Then used a wipe on poly for a sealer. In comparison to new amber TL's i think my amber is closer to the original. bottom line I was happy with the way the cody came out. On the neck i used golden oak rub and lacquer finish. The only thing I forgot to do was shape the headstock but I can live with the discrepancy. The wiring was tricky but I finally got it right. Hint: Avoid over-soldering. it shorts out things. I did have to replace the switch which I somehow fried. However all in all, I'm happy with the finished product and it plays well. This was my first DIY guitar and it was fun as well as a learning experience. I'm thinking about an SG kit.

Link: Find the TL style guitar kit here