Builder: Rod

Comments: First build in 35 years. I had some extra time being stuck at home so I built this Tele Bass. Ordered the slab without the pickup routed because I wasn't sure what kind of pickups I wanted. Used Colortone liquid dye (straw) to "age" the neck, then finished with 4 coats of Tru-oil. Did the same with the body, but 12 coats of Tru-oil. Settled on a vintage single coil because I won a Sentell pickup on ebay for an amazing price. Read forums to know where to rout for the "sweet spot." Ordered blank pickguard stock material and cit it on my band saw and router table. Got Hipshot Ultra light lollipop tuners. I left the Tele switch in case I want to add another pickup someday. I had a great time obsessing about what to do with this build. Now thinking of what to build next.

Link: Find the Advanced TL Build here