The Warthog

Builder: Phil

Description: Top to bottom, this guitar is badass. Mods include: easy access neck joint and single cut area. (So easy to play at the end of the neck), levelled, crowned, and polished frets. Scalloped fretboard from 12th fret to the end. Super easy to play.. Grover tuners, Tusq nut, Seymour Duncan mayhem distortion PUP 's, CTS tone pots, push push volume pots wired for coil splitting, switchcraft PUP selector and input jack, and a Floyd Rose FRX trem system with locking nut, I also hydrographic 'd the backing plates with skulls. Stained back and painted front (camando green). Back of neck is tung oiled (very smooth wood feel) This axe absolutely screams!! A serious metal machine!!

Link: Find the LP guitar kit here.