The Visionary Moore Paul

Builder: Bill

Comments: This is my second build. I wanted a signature guitar for recording, and playing live. I fell in love with one of the builds here, but naturally wanted to do something more personal. I started with dye: yellow for the core of the fireball burst, red for the outside. I replaced just about every piece of hardware that came with this kit, because I'm a professional, and I needed something that sounded, and looked, at least as good as anything I could pick up at the store. I replaced the pups with Seymour Duncans: SH-5 in the neck position, and SH-6 at the bridge. I put in an active Seymour Duncan Blackouts BMP-1 preamp. I replaced the bridge with a Golden Age Roller Bridge, to reduce string breakage, and because the chrome version comes with brass rollers, for some nice contrast. I replaced the stock stop tailpiece with a GOTOH gold one. I replaced the tuners with GOTOH Keystone gold plated ones. For the truss rod cover, I used a guy in China who makes custom ones: I also had the same guy do custom knobs for me, with my own designs, I've also ordered a gold neck plate, with my signature The Visionary  rune. The action is perfect, and it sounds as good as any other axe in my arsenal.

Link: Find this electric guitar kit here