The Visionary Bass

Builder: Bill

Comments: I built this bass to have a signature instrument to put on my tracks, and maybe do a live gig sometime in the future. I chose Aniline dye, instead of paint, for it's ease of use, and application. I chose a deep purple color. After applying the dye, letting it dry overnight, and sanding it, I then applied about 8-12 coats of Rustoleum clear lacquer. I should have sanded the body flat before all of this, as the ridges, and valleys, are quite noticeable. However, after using 400, 600, 1200, and then 4000 grit to polish, then compounding, and polishing, I'm quite pleased with the result. Before getting started, I wanted to replace the crappy bridge that comes with the kit, and replaced it with a Schaller bridge, with rollers. I also decided right off to make it an active bass, and ordered the Classic Preamp from Audere Engineering ( which is also made in the USA. I just got everything hooked up today, and it sounds great. I've still a bit of a buzz on the fretboard, but am working on it.

Link: Find the 5 String Bass Here