The Redhead

Builder: Andy


Fretwire Archtop hollow body "ES125" copy with one neck P-90 pickup. Bright red dye stained with brushed satin polyurethane finish. Had to move tailpiece slightly because neck not aligned. Replaced pots with Tone Shaper 500 K, orange drop on tone, Pure Tone full contact output jack and all wiring with Gavitt cloth covered pre-tinned. First time wiring so a little confusing but found great video that saved the project. Replaced strings with D'Addario EHR350 Half Round Electric Guitar Strings, Jazz Light, 12-52. Warm tone but still vibrant. Using shield cable helped with slight buzz/hum KLIQ Guitar Instrument Cable, 10 Ft - Custom Series with Premium Rean-Neutrik 1/4" Straight Gold Plugs, Red/Black Tweed. Mostly a folk/rock/pop guitarist so its fun to have a guitar so perfect for jazz but also able to shift to open chord strumming. Playing in church-lots of comments on the color and warm sound. Advised by many that my first build would be my last but they are wrong. Thinking of doing a Resonator next!