The Fiddy

Builder: Rick

Comments: The Fiddy was made to be given away to commemorate the 50th consecutive year of our family reunion. While I wanted to make a guitar for the occasion, I didn't want to just put 50 on it like a trophy. I wanted to give it an identity... and The Fiddy was born! A trap shooting competition has been a part of the reunion since the beginning so I wanted to incorporate that into the build. The dream was to get 50 shot gun shells into the guitar but it was a struggle. I was able to inlay 28 into the edge of the guitar and 20 into the pickguard, two things I had never seen before. The final 2 were on the volume and tone knobs. I also carved and epoxy inlayed the words to 'Salvation Song' from The Avett Brothers, as I feel the refrain epitomizes what our family reunion is.

Link: Find the Rosewood TL kit here