The Cretin

Builder: Eugene

Comments: Obviously, I bought this guitar because I'm a huge Ramones fan. I've always wanted a Mosrite Ventures II, but who can really afford one? This was my first time doing any sort of guitar build, but I think it came out awesome.

My goal was to recreate Johnny's guitar, as close as possible on a non-existent budget.

The bridge pickup was replaced with a Dimarzio FS-1. (I could only source one with a white cover. Black cover is in the mail).

Replaced both pots with 500k CTS solid post pots.

Chrome volume knob, Fender amp dial for tone.

Replaced 3 way toggle with a thicker post option, and got a white cap for it.

String retention bar helped eradicate string buzz on D and G strings, as the flat headstock caused problems.

Stained the fretboard ebony. 4 coats Minwax clear satin stain on neck. 4 coats of rattle Rustoleum white satin, 3 coats of Minwax rattle can clear satin on the body.

Found the Mosrite waterslide decals on ebay.

Link: Find the Mos Style kit here