For my second build, I decided to do a telecaster but spice it up with a floyd rose. As it turns out, the floyd rose bridge extends too far up and overlaps with the original telecaster bridge pickup. So I needed to fill the pickup cavity and route one a bit further up. Since I was re-routing, I figured why not throw in some P90's (humbucker sized). After routing the the rest (rear spring cavity, etc), I realized I had not considered tremolos can be left or right handed, and I bought the standard right handed one for this left-handed guitar. So I drilled through the hardened steel with a bosch carbide tip masonry bit (nothing else worked on the hardened steel) to get a hole for the arm on the left. Rattle can primer, blue, and clear followed by some wet sanding. Many light coats of Tru-oil on the neck turned out really nice. Cut a custom pickguard out of 1/8" baltic birch, originally planned to cover with some funky burled vaneer but could not find any cool vaneer anywhere. Went with blue dye and a touch of white paint directly on the birch, Tru-oiled, wet sanded, happy with the results. Plays and sounds great. Gallery of full build here: Thank you theFretWire for giving my sanity and creativity during this pandemic, and to everyone posting their inspiring work in the gallery!