Smooth Jazz

Builder: Jim

Comments: I generally play finger style acoustic and own several high end guitars. I wanted to try my hand at jazz but wasn't ready to shell out $3000 plus just to try it. So why not build one. This kit turned out surprisingly playable once I recovered from the many missteps. I upgraded the pickups to Seymore Duncan Jazz SH2 and SH4 pickups. The tuners are Gotoh 301 lockers. The pots are Bourne pots and I upgraded to 20 AWG wire. I built a masonite wiring template to build the wiring harness which helped (wished I had have done that the first time). I did a complete fret level and crown, which made the playability much smoother. I replaced the nut fr bone and set up for a very low action (.018" low E, .011" high E at the first fret). All and all, plays as good as any I tried in the stores. I could not be happier. Best of all, I turned my wife into a believer instead of a sceptic.

Link: Find the Hollow Body guitar kit here