Builder: Dave


175 style hollow body - first time build, this was a blast! wiring and getting the electronics inside was a big challenge, took awhile and a few tries. I upgraded the bridge, the pots and the pickups...Seymour Duncan Slash and Seth Lover. Their website is awesome for choosing pickups. They ask what you look and then recommend a combo. This is what they recommended and it sounds amazing, I'm so impressed. After I built it and played it for a few weeks I brought it to a Luthier and they dialed it (nut adjustment, fret polish, oiled fingerboard, truss rod adjust, bridge adjust, and intonation). I'm sure you can figure out how to do all that but I wanted to make sure my guitar was dialed by a professional and it made a huge difference, in the way it sounds and plays. Also upgraded the strings and put 10s on there. I'm so impressed, the kit was great. I stained and varnished a section on the body, then taped it up, and spray painted the space scene on there. Piu piu.