Skylark XII

Builder: Tommi

Comments: It’s the Fretwire 12 string Les kit spiced up with some of my own ideas. Common knowledge seems to be one can’t get sharp edges with dying with different colors. I took it as a challenge and it seems it’s not entirely impossible. Deep cuts to the wood before dye with scalpel will help.

I decided to name this Skylark XII for the sound it produces and for being bit of a rare bird for the combined elements in a one guitar. Les Paul type singlecut with mahogany body and veneer top but a twelve string. Instead of standard humbuckers it sports two dual lipstick pickups configured as humbuckers for clarity and note separation. Both pickups have a volume and tone controls, coil split and series/parallel switches are hidden in push/pull volume pots.

I designed and finished it with a distinctive (and a bit luxuriously pompous) art deco vibe with tru-oil like I usually do. I did learn a bunch of new skills while doing it too. Like for example specifics of a set neck construction, wood dyes coloring with sharp hue edges, wood veneering (Piece of figured visakoivu=figured arctic birch) on headstock, metal working for pick guard and truss rod cover and metal electro etching used on truss rod cover design. It was a fun little side project to to relax along the massive operation we’ve been doing in my work lately.

Despite my initial slight suspicion of starting with affordable kit, it ended up to be a pretty nice and playable guitar. It intonates surprisingly well and can sound either Beatles jangly or massive as a flying mothership. There were some some glue seeping thru kit veneer on top making coloring it a bit challenging with dyes but I managed to hide it. All in all I’m pretty happy with the results. Hope you like it too.