Semi-Hollow 4-String Bass

Builder: Stephen


My first kit build. I have built guitars previously by scavenging old parts and pieces but this was my first build using planned components. The kit was nicely arranged and packed. I first dry-attached the neck to the body to confirm a good fit before proceeding. A straight edge showed a reasonably good fit, so construction began. The wood grain finished beautifully and was sanded to 800 grit before applying laquer. Sanding continued with about 10 spray coatings over several days. The neck is glued into the body (slightly nerve-wrecking procedure). A straight edge revealed a true mount but a lot of tweaking remained. I mounted the A string and started at the truss rod, giving it a few twists and leaving the guitar for a few days for the wood to settle to the tension. After much patience and truss tweaking and bridge adjusting, it was demonstrating good action without fret buzzing. I removed the A string, installed the pickups, and installed all 4 strings. The tension of 4 strings further stressed the woods, so another round of tweaking and adjusting was required. After a few days, the wood settled into the truss and string tension. Then I soldered the electronics and finalized the assembly. I was originally planning to donate this build to a silent auction, but I like the guitar so much, I’ll probably keep it. There are still a few tweaks needed (i.e. the bass tone control capacitor) but I’m quite pleased with the build. Perhaps just because it’s new, it’s my favorite guitar to pick up first.

Link: Find the Semi-Hollow Body Bass here