Builder: Caleb

Comments: I wanted this one to look like a jazz box of yesteryear. One that'd seen the nightlife and lived through countless stories of wins and losses. I upgraded the tuners to the vintage Kluson style made by Golden Gate. I also used some old white chicken head style knobs that I had laying around, and will probably switch them out for the witch hat style used on the old Gibson and Kay models. The rose on the fretboard is a decal (I know the connotation this has, but I have no skill in inlay) which I finished over to keep it down. The sunburst was done with golden oak, and ebony colored stain which I finished with shellac. I did a little bit of gold highlights around the pickup, and tail piece. It's overall a rough piece but plays very smooth. I will likely upgrade the bridge to a bone saddle, because I'm not a fan of the saddle pieces. A word of advice, use light grade sanding pads to remove finish from the binding. I tried scraping it with a razor and it didn't go well. Overall this was a pretty big learning experience which I intend to try again sometime.

Link: Find the ES Hollow Body here