Rockin Demon

Builder: Wayne


Ok, didn't think much of a name to be honest. lol So, after EVH died back in October I decided to get off my butt and build my own guitar and ordered what of all things turned out to be the EV model. Was looking for couple humbucker pickups and tremolo in a model. I did order some different pickups, and stuff like different knobs as seen from the kit..also went with full size pots. I painted and clear coated it..all by hand. Still think if had a buffer/polisher could have gotten a more professional look to clear coat, but I'm totally happy with results. Did the wiring and solder which were both first for myself as well. Had a lot of fun with it (and some frustration at times), but was a great experience. Did some truss rod adjustment and got the action down on strings like I wanted. Really happy overall and playing the hell out of it. May do another build sometime in the future.