Purple Project 1024

Posted by Sam Anderson on

Builder: Ro


I saw a youtuber do a finish I really liked. I don’t have a workshop or spray gun, so I wanted to do this with common tools and supplies. I wanted to do an aged Strat, but I figured I could to a Les Paul. In the same style but worn. I like the fake worn guitars....sometimes. The dyes used were Rit dyes. 3.50 a bottle. Purple, blue, black and brown for the back. GFS Mean90, changed pots to CTS orange drop. 500k volume, 250 tone. Used an Epiphone lighting bar bridge. Few coats of deft nitro. I really like the way it came out. The fret board came AFU and glue all over the edges of the veneer top. I didn’t want to sand through it, so I just sharpied em. Yeah I know. In any case. I love the way it came out. Next kit will have grain filler it’s a must. The next kit will be far better.....but I really like this guitar, it’s lite, loud. Oh and I changed the nut too. One of my favorite guitars.