Precision Bass

Builder: Jeff

Comments: Building the kit was easy and the guitar seems to work well. I used Watco Danish Oil in a Golden Oak color, which was a very easy way to protect the wood and get a nice color finish. The quality of the kit seems good and it didn't require much sanding effort. I had a spot defect in the electroplating on a tuning key, which I assume they're going to correct for me. Intonation was easy to adjust, neck is straight, frets are good, etc. Instructions are pretty sparse, but it's a simple project and anything you don't know is easy to find on the web. All in all, it was a fun experience and quite a value for $150. The can of Danish Oil added $20 but I used barely any and will have it for other projects. I plan to get their 12 string electric hollow body when it's available again.

Link: Find the P Bass Build here