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Builder:  Elgin

Description:  I made a USAF KC-46 Pegasus Tanker tribute model for fun. I spent about 6 years on that development program so it's near and dear. The build took just under 4 months. I upgraded all hardware and chose Seymour Duncan Saturday Night Special's for the neck and bridge. Used Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates neck for the middle PU. Wired with a Free-way 6 position toggle and 4 DiMarzio push-pull pots so I can get any combination of PUs as well as split each coil. I have separate volume controls and a master tone. Gibson stop bar and Graph Tech NV2 bridge. Sperzel locking tuners. Looks great, plays great and sounds great. Definitely not a mellow guitar. The kit was well built and the neck was straight “ did not need to adjust the truss rod. There was a bit of a defect in the binding on the lower bout but I'm not going to worry over it. I designed a pegasus and airbrushed with black lacquer. A couple hairline cracks in the nitro due to swelling during the wet sanding process. That won't happen again. My first build and it was fun. It's a good kit.

Link:  Find the 3 pickup LP guitar kit here