Octave Glitz

Builder: Mandee

Comments: I wanted to surprise my husband with something special for our eighth anniversary; so, why not make him a guitar?

My hubby has always played acoustic, but he has been wanting an electric guitar for while now. This was my first time using a coping saw, and I'm pretty proud of how the headstock came out. The finish was also a lot of fun to do, but required A LOT more clear coat than I was expecting in order to cover that glitter properly. I also designed a couple of vinyl decals to give it a more personal touch.

I had a friend help me with the soldering, and the whole thing came together beautifully!

The finish isn't perfect by any means, but I'm still really proud of this project as a whole. My husband was ecstatic and super surprised! He's been playing every chance he gets.

Link: Find the ST kit here