Not a Gibson LP

Builder: Michael


This experience was very interesting: satisfying and frustrating all at the same time. I ran into a problem right of the bat. The neck joint wasn't tight. Informed Fret Wire and they had a replacement kit in the mail the next day. It had a return label which was nice, (no cost for shipping). Excellent customer service.

I finished the guitar with nitrocellulose. It was my first time using lacquer and I wish I had some practice, but oh well. Still turned out pretty good considering I made quite a few mistakes. Trashed all the cheap hardware and electronics. Upgrades; EMG 57TW/66TW-LS pickups with matching selector switch and configurable pots. Gibson vintage style tuners. Gotoh bridge and tailpiece. Replaced the plastic nut with a bone nut. Fret level, crown and polish. The fret ends had major gaps between the frets and the bindings. Filled gaps with super glue. It took a lot of work but I heard that most kits require fret work anyway. A word of advice, make sure you dry fit all the parts before you start. when I started putting the guitar together, I found that the bridge and tailpiece holes were off a bit. To compensate, I used a bridge with blank saddles and cut my own slots so the strings would line up correctly. Adjusted truss rod, set the string height, and intonation. I love the way this guitar sounds and looks. My primary instrument is bass, but I like to play around on the guitar now and then.