Builder: Jake

Comments:This project started as a "love letter" to my favorite guitar - the Starcaster. It's certainly not a straight-up copy, but I've been drawing references from the lines and styling of the retro Fender semi-hollow.

This was also my first build after I moved from my own house with a workshop to my small (500 square foot) apartment on campus at my school. As a result, simplicity was a goal through the project. The stain is simply un-diluted RIT fabric dye, and the finish is several layers of Tung Oil. The end result is certainly a heavily-used aesthetic, but I love that style.

The pickups are GFS Vintage Split Humbuckers, the nut was replaced with a Nubone nut, the bridge and tailpiece were also purchased after the fact. Eventually this will have a roller bridge and Bigsby-style Vibrato as well.

Link: Find the Semi Hollow Diamond Build here