Modded Offset 3 Single Coil

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Builder: Ryan

Comments: Fit for a Prince! This is the Offset 3 Single Coil kit, heavily modified. I first took off a 1/4 inch of the top and replaced it with a book matched curly maple drop top. After, I gave it an aggressive, Meteora-style contour. I dyed the body a purple to black burst, and then finished it with a hand applied Tru-Oil finish. I replaced the pick guard and electronics as well. For the pick guard I used The FretWire’s new custom cut pick guard option. They were cool enough to not only make me a “Jaguar” style control plate in lavender, but also a matching truss rod cover and plate for the back as well. I replaced the three single coils with a pair of gold foil humbuckers from GFS, and replaced the 5 way switch with a blend pot (all of which The FretWire custom cut into the pick guard for me). It sounds great, from a clean beautiful ringing tone to guttural growls. In the future I think I will replace the bridge as I don’t want the tremolo on this guitar, as well as possibly upgrade the tuners. But for now I’m really loving this guitar!

Link: Find the Offset 3 Single Coil kit here