Builder: Biovo

Comments: This is Luneta, single cut semi hollow, this kit turned out amazing, I pretty much updated everything from the kit, electronics, pickups, frames, grover tuners, tunomatic for a piezo bridge and nut for a synthetic tusk. Took me around one month to finish, it´s a mate finish and has Seymour duncan 59 with coil split (added a switch for that). I had to do a regular big hole on the back since I put all the electronics and realized the stichcraft potentiometers would not fit because the holes where to close to the central wood bar on the inside, so that was fun after getting everything on the inside through the F hole. I wished I had decided to do that before hand, because getting everything inside was insane. Also did a battery pack whole for the piezo and all the controls are on the other side for space reasons. Decided to separate the electric and piezo inputs since I use completely different setups for both versions and they can be plug simultaneously and get very interesting sounds out of it. I also had to reduce the height of all frets and the normal leveling and plays amazing.

Link: Find the single cut semi hollow Style here