LP 12 String Singlecut

Posted by Sam Anderson on

Builder: Christopher



Top Stained w/Minwax Ebony and diluted Red Oak Furniture stain. Back stained first with Briwax Brown and then several coats of 100% Tung Oil, slightly diluted w/thinner.

I made the burst by starting dark at the edges and working lighter to the center, sanding each coat with more pressure at the center.

Top was sealed with several coats of Minwax Semi-Gloss Poly.

I stained this with what I had on hand. Next time I will not use furniture stain, nor will I try to be fancy. Holy crap. I didn't buff out the shine on the top, as so much effort was put into just the body and I was ready to move on. Several weeks on the body - 1 day on assembly and wiring.

Upgraded wiring, switches, and Orange caps. Seymour Duncan Phat Cat P90 in the neck and SH1n '59 in the Bridge. Wired 1950s style.

Opted for amber knobs and black rings, added Strap Locks.

Tuned to C-G-C-F-C-F with octaves on the teeny strings.

Looking forward to upgrading tuners and bridge/tailpiece down the road, as well as fret-leveling, etc...

For now, plays great and exactly what I wanted - appreciate FW's support, as well. Super responsive and helpful. This was the first time on the build and wiring electronics for me and I learned A TON.