Lo Rider

Builder: James

Description: Was received as a Christmas gift. I wanted the 5-string fretless, specifically, and The Fretwire was the only place I found anywhere (online or other) that had a kit like this in-stock. I had several specific questions about the pickups and the pickguard, couldn't find an answer online, so I e-mailed customer support, and they were super-helpful in finding the answers. Added two pocket holes to the back in order to make sure the neck joint was nice and tight. For the paint job, I used Duplicolor Burnt Copper Metal Specks rattle cans, on top of some filler primer, and then sealed it all with twelve coats of Minwax clear gloss. The neck/headstock just has a few coats of Minwax Wipe-on Poly. Wanted to keep the neck natural as possible. The Wipe-on Poly darkened the neck a shade, but not unnaturally. I switched out the pickups and the bridge, and made a new pickguard (since the pickguard color that came with the kit didn't work with the paint job). I also made the bridge a through-body bridge, which meant drilling five holes and installing ferrules on the back. Switched out the potentiometers for Bournes, and made the tone knob a push-pull switch that switches the pickups from series to parallel. Added a waterslide decal to the headstock. I knew I didn't want a word or logo on the front, so I created this elephant logo. May start using this logo for all my future builds. Really wanted the mellow feel, so I installed flatwound strings. Overall, the bass sounds great! Plays great! Very fun to make! Highly recommended! Will buy from again! Thanks for a great kit and the support.

Link: Find the Fretless J Bass Guitar Kit here. [caption id="attachment_9091" align="alignnone" width="504"]
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