Builder: Dave

Comments: I always wanted a Les Paul Jr. This guitar flame maple top was stained first with black ink, sanded out, then stained multiple times with blue ink, then a final stain of black and blue ink mixed together. I then finished it with about 8 thin coats of Tru-Oil on the top, 3 coats of Tru-Oil on the back and neck. Between every coat of Tru-Oil I used 0000 Steel Wool to smooth out the finish. The last coat of Tru-Oil was thinned with just a little bit of lighter fluid and then Tru-Oil added to where you can't smell the lighter fluid anymore. I buffed it with Meguiars Cleaner Wax, and then one last shine with regular ole Turtle Wax. This pickup is HOT! it has a resistance of approximately 10.84 - it's a Rocker. Total build time - about 3 weeks.

Link: Find the single pickup single cutaway guitar kit here.