Builder: Jason

Comments: This was my first build and it took me a while to get from the arrival of the box to the end product. At first, I was excited and a little intimidated, but I'm so happy that I dove in and attempted the build. My goal was to have my own ES 335 and to enjoy the process of creating something that I can enjoy on going. Mission accomplished. I have a whole new appreciation for guitar manufacturers and the level of craft that is needed to create a finished product. I followed a method for the painting and I'm thrilled with how it turned out and now sounds. in all, from beginning tinkering to end product, playing on my amp, it took me about 6 months total. I had a mental vision of what I wanted to build and used some particular pickups, tuners, and bridge and I imported my electronics from another guitar that allowed me to have phase, serial, and coil tap. In short, I'm absolutely happy with the project, and the foundation was awesome! Thank you so much for the adventure. I have a personal connection with an instrument built my hands and triaged through many "OOOPS" moments and the end product turned out. Is it a Gibson, no, but I'll tell you what, I can make some nice sounds out of this and it's mine and its beautiful to me. I'm posting my inspiration, and the end product. Thank you for your company and thank you for allowing such a great memory for me in my first build.

Link: Find the 335 Diamond style kit here.