Builder: Frank

Comments: I wanted to build something different from the usual ST kit and the Mossy  JR style kit caught my eye. I made a few modifications that included (1) sanding down the nut so that it would work with the zero fret, (2) upgrading the electronics, (3) replacing the weak bridge pickup with a Seymour Duncan QuarterPound, (4) adding string trees to get better tension. I decided to go with a swirl paint job since I had wanted to try one out for a while. Getting a swirl finish isn't as easy as it looks on YouTube videos. I tried a few different techniques on scrap wood and the one that worked the best was using a borax solution with spray paints. The body was primed with flat white primer and the colors used were Rustoleum Seaside, Granite, Gloss Black, Gloss White and Metallic Silver. After dipping, I finished it off with about 15 coats of poly.

Link: Find the Mossy kit here.