Builder: Rich


I bought this kit with money my parents gave me for Christmas (they never know what to get for me...). It isn't 100% stock: I wanted to be able to use coil splits, so I bought Fleor ceramic humbuckers (2N, 1B). The pots are Bourns 500K push-pull pots, wired with 3 volume & master tone (the volume controls pull to split coils, the tone pulls to invert the phase on the middle pickup). I used a Free Way 6 position toggle switch to select all possible pickup combinations except all 3 at once. The knobs are anodized aluminum ones I found on Amazon and engraved on one of the CNC mills at work (one of my co-workers did the programming on his CAD software at home). The pick guard and truss rod cover I made on my 3D printer. Strings are Ernie Ball Regular Slinky. Body, neck, bridge, tailpiece, tuners, and electronics covers are stock. I used Fiebing's leather dye for color (navy blue for the top, black for the body and neck). Finish clear coat is multiple (I lost track at 20...) coats of Birchwood-Casey Tru Oil gunstock finish thinned in naphtha, buffed with Maguiar's polish, and finished with Birchwood Casey gunstock wax.