Green Rockabilly

Builder: James

Comments: Hand sanding 1500-5000 grit, turquoise powder dye/water, glitter spray, lots of masking and purfling ......lots and lots of masking, apply color to top, then sides, then back and neck. Drying and curing took time. Hand finishing all the while. Once colored all around, I lightly applied a glitter spray to the top. Then I put 4 coats poly onto glitter, 5000 grit over glitter, and I polycoated the entire instrument treating each coat with 5000 grit. There was a total of 15 or more coats.
Your wiring diagram is as it should be, clear and concise. I have added my own wires, put push on connectors at all points, and put on rubber sleeves and rubber booties. My wiring harnesses are stout.
Everything is great! The ultimate test is the action....and the action on this guitar is precisely where you want it. In the middle of a sweet sweet spot. With strings as close to the frets as you choose , or not. 

Link: Find the Rockabilly kit here