Golden Girl

Builder: Chett


This was my first kit build. After I got the kit, I decided to make some changes to the hardware. I bought a pair of PAF replica pickups that only came in gold, so I also installed a gold tailpiece from Amazon. Then of course I had to buy gold knobs.

Other changes were more than cosmetic. I decided to put on a rosewood bridge and a bone nut. I bought CTS pots and Orange drop caps. I ended up doing the wiring twice. The first time I used classic cloth wire, but I ended up with some noise problems. The second time I used shielded wire and got dead quiet wiring.

Some comments on the kit. The wood is fantastic! The back and sides have no knots or defects. There were a couple of small ones on the top, but they all ended up being covered by parts. I had no hesitation in deciding to do a natural finish (10 coats of Tru-oil and 3 coats of wax). The neck and body fit together perfectly with no adjustments, and the truss rod was solid and responsive.

Yes, the wiring is as hard as everyone says. I ended up buying an Archtop guitar tool from StewMac that really helped.

It was a great experience and I am thrilled to have such a fine guitar. Later this year I will be building a 5-string bass.

Link: Find the 175 Style here