Glynn's P90 Singlecut Build

Builder: Glynn

Comments: I wanted a LP with P90s like Bob Marley used to rock and found that Epiphone's were like $400+ & Gibson's were $1000+ (their custom shop makes a $8000 identical copy but thats insane).

I figured those prices were insane to pay if playing reggae, anti-establishment, DIY, rebel sound was the goal of the instrument and a friend put me onto the kit world. Fret Wire won me over; great price and great quality.

Marley DID have a flat top solid mahogany technically, but the flame maple top is definitely a nice touch. I would definitely build a solid body mahogany 2xP90 LP kit if offered (still), but I imagine most folks want that "50s gold top" style when they go for LP's with P90s.

The pick and switch guard were made from steel sheeting at the local home improvement store, stain was just "Maple" colored stain and I sealed the wood with 100% Tung oil (Not the crap at lowes/HD, get the 100% tung online).

I switched to a switchcraft switch, orange CAPs & Fender 500k pots and wired it up in "1950s" style according to the internet. added a black nut cover and black knobs to keep with the "motif" as much as I could.

Took it to a shop and had a luthier set it up. I plan to switch the nut for a black tusq brand one and maybe look into locking tuners and actually engraving the headstock (the stickers I made on my printer are fine for now lol) later.

All in, with the pro set up I MAYBE spent $320 total on this project and easily ended up with a guitar that could compare to retail guitars going for at LEAST $1000 more (if not 500+).

Looking forward to doing another build soon! It's made it impossible for me to justify retail box store prices when a DIY option like these are so readily available at such quality.

Link: Find the Singlecut P90 build here