Builder: Jonathan

Comments: This was my second build, and although I definitely felt like I bit off more than I could chew, it turned out ok.

Stained with RIT dyes on the top, Minwax walnut on back and neck. Sealed with Varathane sanding sealer, and finished with Watco spray lacquer. I am still learning proper finishing techniques, and so a lot of blemishes are visible. Some glue spots I didn't sand out sufficiently, I didn't grain fill and the sanding sealer did not level out the deepest pores leaving some minuscule dents in the smooth lacquer finish, and I had a couple burn throughs while buffing the back, one rather large.

On the whole though, the important part, the front, turned out pretty good and I love the feel and aesthetic of the guitar. The stock pickups suit me just fine, but I'll probably upgrade the nut and bridge down the road.

I really enjoyed building this guitar, and I'll be playing the result for a long time to come. I call it Florentine, because there is a similar style of guitar model by that name.

Link: Find the Semi Hollow Single Cut guitar here.