Faded Trini

Builder: Randy

Comments: I always wanted to try my hand at guitar modification/repair. Also, I've always wanted a semi-hollow, so this Trini Lopez kit was perfect. The kit came in great condition and there were no flaws on the wood surfaces and the neck pocket was tight. I did end up spending almost 3 times the amount of money on tools and finishing products than I did on the kit itself, but tools are an investment that I only buy once and I really wanted to try to tune this guitar up, not just put it together. Here are some of the improvements I made to the kit: I leveled the frets with a leveling beam and re-crowned them with a fret file, polished the frets with fine sand paper and a Dremel with a buffer wheel, rolled fret board edges for a more worn-in feel, replaced hollow plastic nuts with bone nuts made from a bone blank, shaped the Head Stock, dyed with a TransTint Black Dye, and finished with 8 coats of TruOil on the body and 4 coats on the neck. (this changed the color of the guitar because rubbing on the TruOil removed some of the dye, and the Yellow tint in the TruOil made the finish more gold than I wanted it). If the guitar stays stable and I end up using it a lot, I will upgrade the rest of the hardware and electronics.

Link: Find the Semi-Hollow Body Diamond Build here