ES-335 Pandemic




This was a fantastic project to keep me focused and help me cope with isolation during the (ongoing) COVID-19 pandemic.

A nES-335 kit from with additions of the upgraded components package, locking Grover tuners, TUSQ nut, and Seymour Duncan Seth Lover humbuckers.

As a first time builder, I tortured this piece of wood as I learned many lessons in finishing. I hoped to use a stain at first, but made some rookie mistakes and sanded through the veneer in spots, so l ended up with a mixture of nitrocellulose lacquer and acrylic paints, covered with a water-based gloss topcoat. I learned a lot, and my message to other first time builders is to not get discouraged, to adapt as you go, and practice patience.

The electronics was another lesson, and it took several attempts at getting the harness in, but now I feel like I can knock it out.

She feels and sounds great, and the project was a great education and confidence builder. I'm already working on another project guitar!