Dragonfly and Emerald Cicada

Builder: Charly

Comments: Attempted a lot of tricks and experiments on these builds. Glow in the dark and black light art work; painted these anatomically correct insects as accurate as possible from photos of actual insects to see stuff lined up. Many weird occurrences of the insect parts are the guitars lining up due to the nature of how golden ratios and phi proportions are used in nature as well as guitar building. Incorporated energetics and custom cast ormusite pyramid dials and glowing crystal switches in the builds. TV Jones pickups and harnesses, black chrome Bigsby, bridges, tuners, and put real emerald inlays in the emerald cicada bass bridge. UV eco epoxy finishes, really hard and resonate, these were my first builds and they play and sound amazing! I put around $600-$700 into each build, but totally worth it. These are custom shop quality and I wouldn't trade them for a $5k to $10k falcon (that good). Only thing I wish they had is ebony fretboards, but I put uv eco epoxy on the fret wood and sanded smooth, and it is almost as hard and smooth as ebony, which is a joy to play on (like silk). Did a good fret leveling and polish, and these strings chime and ring like they are on glass. Put a zero fret on the bass, worked well. Went with the tusk nut on the dragonfly and adjustable roller bridge. These stay in tune well.

Link: Find the Rockabilly Build here