Builder: Jesse

Comments: My father and I built this guitar together. Having been raised on a steady auditory diet of Classic Rock, it was named for my love of Dungeons and Dragons and my desire to learn the music of the late Ronnie James Dio. Long live the Man on the Silver Mountain. !..!, -.- ,!..!

The DragonCaster is stained TruBlack with Silver Leaf Rub'n Buff to highlight the grain on the front, and Barn Red with Ebony Rub'n Buff on the body. The pick guard included in the build didn't speak to either of us so we ordered a custom from Fretwire. The designs were vinyls used to create stencil-negatives. My best bud printed up the d12 knobs on his 3D printer.

Take that, Spinal Tap; the Dragon goes to TWELVE!!

Ernie Ball Cobalt's, black locking tuners, an Ernie Ball strap, a pair of nickel-pots, a .22uf Orange Drop, and a radial switch complete the build... SO FAR. (I have plans to TRULY FINISH everything out with a pair of Seymour Duncan INVADERS.) DragonCaster is tuned in Drop D for those extra-dark snarls.

Link: Find the Thinline TL Build here