Double Nickel

Builder: Kevin

Comments: This kit is a guitar and Bass all on the same body. This is the second kit I have done. My first one was Walking Liberty . This kit all went together well. I did change the electrics and added a tone and a toggle switch for a neck and bridge changing setup on the bass. I liked the clean lines that Dan did on his Racing Strips  version of his LP style guitar. So I did mine as a white with black lines. I added Indian head nickels for inserts to the headstocks and oversized nickels to back of the body. For the wording on the guitar I did the words using a tape transfer system. There is a lot of youtube tutorials on how to do this. Here is a link on just one way ( I used a whitewash stain and a coat or two of water based polyurethane for a protection. The downside is that it is a bit of a beast size wise to play and there is a lot of electrics to having both a guitar and bass all together. I did have to router out some more space in the back to give me the space I needed to fit everything in when I changed the electrics. This kit will take you a bit of time to do but the finished product is so different you will have one of a kind.

Link: Find this double neck guitar kit here.