Natural J Bass

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Builder: Robert

Comments: I had so much fun building this guy. I don't have any tools or access to a workshop so I did everything with just a couple trips to the hardware store. I kept the natural wood which is quite lovely with some tung oil followed by some satin lacquer. I used mostly #0 steel wool to get a soft and smooth surface. I also don't have access to a band saw so I painstakingly shaped and sanded the head-stock by hand and I'm actually thrilled with it. I originally intended to use my hipshot high mass bridge but the folks who designed that bridge provided an irregularly small hex nut to which I no longer owned a key to. I must say though I'm pretty happy with the stock bridge. I also had some schaller tuner machines that I've been itching to install on a new bass so I did.

Link: Find the J Bass here